How our SEO process works

We pride ourselves in taking a tailor-made approach for every one of our SEO clients. That means our SEO analysts will methodically plan our strategy to ensure that we’re building the right traction for your business.

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01. Discovery & Planning

We believe the foundation of a successful SEO campaign is built on thorough planning and preparation. Our results-oriented approach ensures we always puts your business goals first.

During your SEO discovery call, we will:

  • Familiarize ourselves with your business

  • Attentively listen to your objectives and desired outcomes for the campaign

  • Identify the keywords you want to rank for

  • Examine your competitors’ websites, sharing our screen to demonstrate their strategies and achievements

  • Estimate the time and effort required for a successful campaign

02. SEO Audit & Keyword Research

Our dedicated team uses best-in-class tooling to perform a comprehensive audit of your website that identifies immediate opportunities for SEO optimizations.

In our keyword research process, we look for “low-hanging fruit” keywords that competitors may have missed and analyze top-ranking websites to identify the keywords they’re targeting. Aligning your business goals and our expertise, we’ll carefully choose the keywords that will best serve your objectives.

The output of the audit, combined with keyword research, informs the overall strategy of our SEO Campaign.

03. Proposal & Partnership

After determining the most effective keywords for your campaign, we’ll schedule a call to discuss our proposed outline of how we plan to execute your SEO campaign.

During this call, we will:

  • Explain our approach to a successful SEO campaign

  • Share our keyword research findings, presenting an ideal strategy for moving forward

  • Establish working agreement and meeting cadence

  • Align on fee structure

04. Website Optimizations

With your SEO Audit complete, its time for Surge to work its magic and begin your technical and on-page optimizations.

Some key optimizations that will likely take place may include:

  • Refine title tags, URLs, meta descriptions, and content across all relevant pages of the website

  • Develop, merge, or remove pages as needed

  • Enhance existing content

  • Fine-tune internal links to strengthen the relevance of your key pages

  • Carry out any other required optimization work, such as improving page/website speed, optimizing core web vitals, and more

05. Content Creation

Rich, keyword-relevant content is essential to achieving high ranking in search engine results pages. At Surge Analytics we guide you through your content generation journey by working with your team of industry experts to develop high-intent content that converts.

During our engagement we will:

  • Establish a content pacing strategy for your blog, social, and/or corporate profiles

  • Target the right keywords, analyze competitors, and create content around the keywords most relevant to your readers

  • Format the content to seamlessly integrate into your website with relevant, brand-centric imagery

We will continue to maintain your content to ensure relevancy and that your site remains competitive and continues to grow in authority and visibility.

06. Link Building

A robust backlink profile pointing to your content tells search engines that your pages are authoritative and deserve to be ranked highly. At Surge Analytics we employ White Hat SEO techniques to secure you a diverse backlink profile that gets your content ranking.

Each month a dedicated link building resource will:

  • Analyze your top competitors backlink profiles to inform the quantity and quality of links that should be secured to make your content competitive

  • Secure relevant links to your sight by conducting organic outreach to high-quality websites related to your industry or targeted geographical area. Trusted and relevant third parties will link to your website, boosting your site’s authority

07. SEO Campaign Monitoring

Measure Campaign Results via Analytics.

Now that there is a strong foundation for both on-page and off-page SEO, its time to keep a close eye on the campaign and measure progress using tools like Google Analytics, Looker Studio, Power BI, and Tableau.

You can expect bi-monthly status check-ins where we review the progress of the campaign and discuss potential improvements or pivots in strategy.

Our process and progress will always be transparent and well-communicated.

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