Cost Efficient

Energy storage system research and development is costly. Qualified and experienced engineers, testing equipment and physical laboratories or factory spaces are expensive.

We reduce typical prototyping R&D costs by 80% for cell component material or cell chemistry selection.

Be Time Efficient

Material procurement, construction, and physical testing of cell prototypes takes at least 10 months. We reduce this time by 90%.

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Powerful AI

Quickly determine the optimal cell chemistry and configuration for your application. Don’t overspend on cells, or over-engineer the energy storage system for your application.

Environmental & Ethical Concerns

Additionally, cost reductions are necessary to at least reach parity with fossil fuel based systems and encourage mass adoption of clean energy sources.

Some battery materials have an adverse impact on the environments and societies located where the natural resources found. Use our software to design batteries that minimise the environmental and social impact of your products.

Powerful Data

Using only material properties, or an application specification instead of huge amounts of experimental data, our software can identify the optimal operating conditions and thermal management system for your application.

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Customer Use Case #1

Battery / Component OEMs

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Customer Use Case #2

Electric Vehicles + Stationary Storage

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Intelligent Design, Powered By AI

Significantly reduce the cost and time for development of your Lithium-ion (Li-ion) cell, module, or pack.

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