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Electric Vehicles + Stationary Storage

Our software enables your R&D teams to determine the optimal cell chemistry, configuration and thermal management system for your application(s).
Surge Analytics’ Battery Design Tools enable you to optimise your module and/or pack designs for the cost-performance-safety-sustainability requirements of your application.
Select appropriate cell vendors based on the optimal chemistries identified.
Benchmark how the cell chemistry you have selected for your application should perform and compare to the actual performance of cells from your vendor. Don’t overpay for inferior quality products.

Post-Mortem Without Mortems

Identify the electrode materials without having to deconstruct the cell

Life Cycle Estimation

Predict battery degradation for various operating conditions from only cell component material properties up to 95% faster than experiments. Extensive experimental data not required!

Better Battery For Your Application

Avoid errors and choose the appropriate electrode materials and thermal management systems for each application

Robust Control Systems

Design and deploy superior control algorithms based on sensitive parameters that affect each cell.

Intelligent Design, Powered By AI

Significantly reduce the cost and time for development of your Lithium-ion (Li-ion) cell, module, or pack.

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