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Battery OEMs

Use our simulations to significantly increase the speed of your R&D and QA processes.

Assess thousands of candidate material combinations and optimise in terms of cost-performance-safety-sustainability tradeoffs for your application.

Use our machine learnt models, trained on parameters collected from your manufacturing processes, to identify EVERY outlier in a production batch, instead of using sampling techniques.

Choice Of Component Materials

Explore the cost-performance-safety-sustainability tradeoffs for thousands of combinations of component materials at least 90% faster than experiments

Shorten your QA/QC Cycles

Slash your QA/QC testing times by at least 95% by estimating the distributions of performance and safety for a batch and identify the defective pieces after production

Design Evaluation

Save up to 80% of the cost to quickly evaluate battery component designs across multiple configurations

Temperature Performance

Calculate the maximum cell temperature at different charge/discharge rates and other operating conditions 

Powered By AI

Battery Component OEMs

Use our simulations to understand the performance of your components with thousands of potential customer cell/module/pack configurations and operating condition ranges.
Reduce the need to procure materials, physically construct cells and perform hundreds of cycles to understand how your component will perform.
Free your engineers to work on higher-value tasks!

Performance Prediction

Investigate the performance of your proprietary material against a range of materials for other battery components at least 90% faster and up to 80% cheaper

Deliver The Design

Reduce the cost and time to deliver the design needs of your customers by up to 90% and 95%.

Scale Up Your Material

Cut up to 80% of the cost and 90% of the time taken by experiments to seamlessly assess the cost-performance-safety-sustainability tradeoffs of your material in different commercial configurations like prismatic, 18650 and 21700 cells

Performance & Safety Distributions

Understand the possible deviations in the performance and safety pertaining to different design parameter uncertainties at a 95% confidence level

Intelligent Design, Powered By AI

Significantly reduce the cost and time for development of your Lithium-ion (Li-ion) cell, module, or pack.

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