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Does my business really need an SEO campaign?

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results

If you aren’t on the first page of search engine results, the likelihood of a potential customer discovering your business plummets.

Don’t let your competitors outrank you. Deploy a successful SEO campaign to increase your online visibility and drive high-intent organic traffic to your website.

A cost-effective marketing strategy

A successful SEO campaign yields long-term results that require minimal financial investment to maintain compared to other forms of paid digital advertising.

By maintaining your website’s SEO strategy, your rankings can be sustained long into the future without having to continually pay to run online ads. 

Our SEO Approach

Step 1
Getting to Know Your Business
Free Discovery Call with Surge
  • At Surge Analytics, we believe the foundation of a successful SEO campaign is built on thorough planning and preparation. Our no-nonsense, results-oriented approach ensures always puts your business goals first.
  • During your SEO discovery call, we will:
    • Familiarize ourselves with your business
    • Attentively listen to your objectives and desired outcomes for the campaign
    • Identify the keywords you want to rank for on Google
    • Examine your competitors' websites, sharing our screen to demonstrate their strategies and achievements
    • Estimate the time and effort required for a successful campaign
Step 2
Free SEO Audit
Complimentary Audit of your Site's SEO Strategy
  • Our dedicated keyword research team at Surge Analytics dives deep into your industry's SEO landscape to tailor an ideal strategy for your campaign.
  • We look for overlooked "low-hanging fruit" keywords that competitors may have missed while also analyzing top-ranking websites to identify the keywords they're targeting.
  • Aligning your business goals and our expertise, we'll carefully choose the keywords that will best serve your objectives.
Step 3
Formal Proposal
Review our Proposal & Begin Partnership
  • After determining the most effective keywords for your campaign, we'll schedule a call to discuss our proposed outline of how we plan to elevate your business to the first page of Google.
  • During this call, we will:
    • Explain our approach to a successful SEO campaign
    • Share our keyword research findings, presenting an ideal strategy for moving forward
    • Describe our monthly and quarterly reporting process, including a demonstration of our dashboard tool for campaign monitoring
    • Provide budget suggestions and discuss the potential results we can deliver
    • Review our working agreement
Step 4
On-Page Optimizations
Technical SEO
  • With your SEO Audit complete, its time for Surge to work its magic and begin your on-page optimizations
  • Some key optimizations that will likely take place may include:
    • Refining title tags, URLs, meta descriptions, and content across all relevant pages of the website
    • Developing new pages as needed
    • Removing unnecessary pages
    • Enhancing existing content
    • Merging multiple existing pages
    • Fine-tuning internal links to strengthen the relevance of your key pages
    • Carrying out any other required optimization work, such as improving page/website speed, optimizing core web vitals, and more
Step 5
Off-Page Optimizations
Link Building & Content Creation
  • Now that the foundation has been laid and initial improvements made, you'll likely see a significant positive impact across your entire site. Now, we shift our focus to continuously enhancing your site's authority through content relevancy and an organic back-linking strategy on a monthly basis.
  • Each month our dedicated content and back-linking team will take care of these tasks for you:
    • We’ll find the right keywords for your blog, analyze competitor content on the same subjects, and create content around the keywords that Google considers more relevant to the users. We’ll format the content to seamlessly integrate into your website with relevant images and post it monthly
    • We’ll also establish relevant links to your sight by conducting organic outreach to high-quality websites related to your industry or targeted geographical area. Trusted and relevant third parties will link to your website, boosting your site's authority
  • By engaging in this monthly and ongoing process, we will ensure that your site remains competitive and continues to grow in authority and visibility.
Step 6
Campaign Maintenance
Measure Results via Analytics
  • Now that both on-page and off-page SEO optimizations have taken place, its time to keep a close eye on the campaign and measure progress using tools like Google Analytics, Looker Studio, Power BI, and Tableau
  • You can expect bi-monthly status check-ins where we review the progress of the campaign and discuss potential improvements or pivots in strategy
  • Our process and progress will always be transparent and well-communicated

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